Advantages Of Mdf Skirting Boards

MDF skirting boards do not take up any wall space. This is because they instantly create more usable floor space as the bulky radiators are not cluttered on the walls. According to scientists radiator-free properties can command up to 15% more heat than similar properties with radiators. MDF skirting board radiators heat the room instantly thus saving money and time unlike under floor heating which heats the concrete and floor coverings first. Skirting radiators gently radiate warmth ensuring there are no dust or dirt marks on your walls unlike conventional radiators which rely on air currents to move the heat round.

Safety and Health

According to a survey on hospital injuries over 25,000 impacts related injuries in a year mostly in old and young adults are caused by radiators. A smooth and sudden edge-free profile that prevents falling and trips is provided by skirting board heating. Circulating dust and spores can exacerbate respiratory illnesses such as asthma and other lung conditions and not only have a negative effect on your d├ęcor. An endorsement by the UF Asthma society as a way of reducing symptoms has been forwarded to approve skirting board heating. Finally, other critical care environments and NHS due to their natural easy-clean characteristics are using the skirting board radiators extensively.

Ease of Installation

Radiant skirting heating is pre-finished in a tough; since it has epoxy powdered costing that does not need painting unlike conventional timber skirting boards which you have to paint again and again. Skirting radiators can be installed by simply removing the existing MDF skirting boards since they connect onto existing heating circuit. If you decide to change the layout of your home it is easily fixable since it is above the ground thus easily movable and re-usable.